Sure, they are gorgeous and yes, their style is impeccable but are they really worth it? Yes, I dared to question the worth of slay queens

But in these days of 500k handbags, it’s only fair for a guy to ask himself that very valid question.
These are five reasons why any guy should think twice about entering a relationship with one

1. The Upkeep

All hail the slay queen!
This is a no brainer but it seems to skip the consciousness of many guys when they are falling in love. They may not ask you to buy them stuff but after a while, you will feel obligated. Obligations will become necessities and if you don’t have the bank account for it, your necessity will get you bankrupt.

2. She has slayed Around Town

Finding a slay mama that hasn’t been slaying for a while is a hard feat. If she’s a true slay mama, then she has definitely been around town for a minute and not many guys are okay with that. If you are the type of guy that would mind one of your guys having history with your girl, then you really should think this twice.

3. You’re always going to come second to her full time slaying

21 and killing it
Ambition is a common trait among slay queens and there’s no getting in the way of a girl on a mission. Everything comes in secondary to whatever her goals are and if you try to mess with her dreams, slay mama will definitely mess with you.

4. You should be afraid of her squad

Slay squads don’t always help the cause. They can  turn your girl against you and some of them may try to get with you. Slay squads are especially a nightmare if your girl is the queen of queens. Why? Because both you and her will always have to watch your back.
5. You Will Always Come In Second
From taking selfies to hanging out with her squad, your slay mama lives a life centered around her. Will she find a space in her heart for you? Only time will tell

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