A Nigerian Lady named Jessy Bakare has called out another Lady, Tolani for disturbing her boyfriend, sending him nudes, and alleged she’s been trying to sleep with him.
Jessy took to Facebook to share screenshots of the calls her boyfriend has been receiving from this said Tolani, she also share screenshots of the messages Tolani has been sending to her boyfriend.
Jessy warned her fellow slayee, Tolani to stay off her boyfriend if she doesn’t want no trouble.
She wrote on Facebook;
This filthy ass hoe 😂😂😂sending nude piks to my bf 😂😂😂calling him tym to tym 😜😜am sorry for your useless mother 😫😫am sure she stole your father from a friend of hers z🙄🙄dats y she gave birth to a swine like you , am not not pissed 😡 that yu tryna fuck my boo 😒 but after trying to fuck him yu still have the guts to msg me 😷😷😷your god must be mad or your generation must be sick upstairs 😱😱he insult yu yesterday still you dint learn from that 😑😑you can even type correct English 😏😏dawta of a hoe if you come for me I will fucking treat your f up 💯💯.. I opened this new acc just to avoid assholes like you 😑😑but still you think am scared of doing this 😂😂go ask your ancestors they will tell you am a bad bitch 💯💯💯. I give no damn fuck abt who is seeing this post …….. be warned if you don’t want trouble 😱😱😱stay out of my lane 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥I repeat
The calls
Then Jesse sent tolani a warning message:
The nude she sent:

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