A 500L LAUTECH student, Adesoji James Adediran,  committed suicide by hanging himself earlier today.
His colleague shared this touching tribute to him.
Lautech mourn again!!! Urp 500lv in remorseful mode !!!
Adesoji James Adediran cant believe my eyes when i saw adieu in your name, i dont knw this is what you mean when you said “i am not coming to class again” when you said it when we finish test last week…. Haa SOJ the best Chelsea fans i ever knw, the best record keeper who dont need google before he tell u history in football, already missing u BRO… cant get hold of my self since i heard about your death i know God knws the best …rest in peace bro
The reason behind is action remains unknown. We would bring you more update as the news unfold.

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