Data is becoming cheaper every day and I love to even see more cheaper data plans. Airtel NG have decided to come out with an excellent data offer to challenge the grand master of data glo. Not too long ago, they unleashed 2GB for N200 but only work with Edge, in which those who subscribed to
it have been unable to fully opt out of the plan.

They call it Special privilege offer, meaning they don’t want you to spend much money on buying data. Now, you can get 6GB for N1,500… 

How Can I Get This Plan?
Dial *440*161#
To check for your data balance at any time, simply dial *123*10#

Will it Work on my Device?
Yes, it will work on every device, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Windows etc without any IMEI tweaking.

What if I’ve Subscibed to 2GB for N200 Before?
It will still work on the SIM.
Atleast in some major locations, Airtel speed faster than baba glo slow…

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