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How much pettier can 2016 get?
Today, new photos of singer Selena Gomez making out with actor Orlando Bloom surfaced on social media and have since set social media on fire.
According to E!, the 23-year-old singer hooked up with the 39-year-old actor who is already linked to singer Katy Perry. Gomez and Bloom were caught by cameras as they made out in a booth, hasty hands reaching for each other as they necked and kissed.
After the couple were done, eye witnesses confirmed to E! that they left in the same car. However, some sources claim that the duo are mere platonic friends, but the photos tell a different story.
Neither Gomez nor Bloom has commented on the scandalous report.
Katy Perry, too, who only began dating Bloom this February is yet to speak up.

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