Love , they say is blind but trust us , should you get married to any of these
people , it is an eye opener and many at times , it is likely to end in divorce.
1. Gold Digger
Being married to such a person will only last as long as you’ re able to provide
for his or her insatiable needs but if the niceties stop flowing, he or she is
gone, leaving you to lick your wounds .

2. Drunkard
Many people can contain
this for a while but if
there is no solution to
the problem, the
likelihood it will end in
divorce is very high .

3. Batterer
Any man or woman who
abuse their partner is
obviously getting them
out as quick as possible

4. Drug Addict
Drug addiction is a very serious issue and marriages in this kind of situation
can only last if both are addicted to drugs but if it ’ s just one party and the
other is clean , the possibility of it ending in divorce is very high.

5. Narcissistic
Any person who does not care about others and is only concerned about
themselves will only end up alone because marriage is about sharing and so if
everything is centered on you, the likelihood of the other person leaving is very
high. Usually, marriages to such persons do not work.

6. Overly Jealous
It is normal for every person to be jealous , from now and then but if you’ re the
kind of person who is overly jealous to the extent it clouds your judgment and
you end up hurting others or fighting every now and then , then you should be
prepared to end up alone.

7. Promiscuous
In marriage , if one is promiscuous , obviously the marriage is bound to fail
because most people abhor it.

8. Controlling
Usually, the onus falls on women. One thing about men is that they all have an
ego, that is how they were created and so in marriage , you have a woman who
wants to always control the man , it doesn ’ t last .

Respecting each other in a relationship is one of the foundations of a good
marriage , but when disrespect is rife in a marriage , it is obviously going to end
up in divorce.✌

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