Dear Bro/Sis,

Praise is to Allah who has brought us to this moment, Rajab. There's no doubt Ramadan is fast knocking on our doors, thus we beseech Allah to preserve us in faith and health till then.
I know you are aware of what Ramadan comes with, its virtues and opportunities. Hence, I admonish you and myself on the following:

1. Repay your missed fast, don't be in the league of those seeking fatwa when others are seeking the new moon.

2. Try and perfect your recitations; will you be missing the great rewards of reciting the Quran in this year Ramadan too because of the difficulty you encounter in recitation? There's time, go and meet your Imam, Mallam, Alfa.... Rectify those "crackings". May Allah make it easy.

3. Go for a medical check up and treat your ailments, may Allah heal you. You may repay fast if missed but what's better than fasting Ramadan in the blessed month itself?

4. Go and do muraja(revision); yes! you've memorized 1,2,3...30 juzu from the Quran. Will you be holding mushaf to perform qiyamulayl??

5. Get used to tahajud..... Long one, don't be in the first 3 taraweeh league.

6. Start saving up: if feeding yourself and your family may be difficult, you still have time to put things together and "huzzle" too.

7. Learn more about Ramadan: yes! There will be many seatings of knowledge in Ramadan but you need to attend before it, plus ask questions about unclear or unknown rulings. You can't afford to waste your effort. May Allah accept it.

8. Don't be a glutton: you know you can't do without eating an hour. Ramadan is at your door,be discipline!

9. AVOID ALCOHOL : it's a sin yesterday, today and tomorrow, not only Ramadan. It's the mother of sins and render your 40 days solah useless. Imagine! Someone sips a cup of alcohol on 21st of sha'ban.... Alcohol is evil... Avoid it today!!!!!!!!

10. Please share this.

May Allah preserve us till the month of Ramadan. May He strengthen us to be able to perform as many deeds and afterward reward us from His mercies. . Asalam Alaikum to you and your family.

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