There are some dishes that Nigerians most certainly don’t joke with as we attach a lot of respect to them. Like, you automatically make a bad impression on a Nigerian if you would ever say that these foods are shit.
Having an interview with a Nigerian boss? Or meeting your Nigerian’s boo’s parents? You should know better than badmouthing these food items, irrespective of whatever experience you’ve had with them.

Small Chops

If you’re meaning to get accepted with your new Nigerian colleagues at work, never say small chops is shit. First off, it isn’t so we question your judgement really and secondly, it is not overrated. As we say “A party without small chops is just an occasions and we hardly go for occasions”. Order yourself a pack of small chops today and feel that ardent mouthgasm really.

Jollof Rice

Jollof Rice deserves a major seat in our coat of arms because Nigerians do not play with jollof rice. For starts, it’s always a safer bet to have jollof rice instead of fried rice when you visit a new restaurant. Whether it’s the peppery Yoruba rice or it’s the one cooked with firewood or the home cooked one, or served with chicken, beef or fish, we love jollof.


Now we eat beans with a lot of things, It could be agege, or dodo or whatever it is. But Nigerians do not play with beans. The average Nigerian manual labourer will attest to what the combo of bread, beans and a 50cl bottle of Pepsi does to him. One person once asked why beans wasn’t served at parties and eaten on Sundays and while we don’t have the right answers, never say beans is shit outdoors. You never know who is watching


Dodo or fried plantain is one Nigerian food that is talked about on the interwebs but really, dodo is an amazing meal. You can eat alone, or it can go along with a main dish and while some people say it’s overrated, we think it’s not. And you can’t be cool if you think dodo is overrated. Like, hell no. Dodo may just be the answer to the world’s problems

Roadside Fries

The tag team of fried yam, plantain, potatoes and mosa with a tasty peppery stew make up our roadside fries combo. Depending on your taste and the size of your pocket, you can complement with fish or beef and trust we do not play with this meal. This meal has been there for students in higher institution at times when they need it the most, not to talk about the joy it gives our taste buds


Have you ever had good suya? Wrapped in newspaper with onions, cucumber and pepper sprinkled on it. That is the real deal right there.
Credit: OMGVoicee

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