Africa’s foremost controversial female blogger, “Linda Ikeji” never seems to be shy of being embroiled in so many controversies.
In a series of tweets across her twitter handle, Linda Ikeji tweeted about being Nigeria’s richest woman with an account balance of over “$1Billion” and despite being single, she can afford to buy anything that makes her happy, including any man as a “HUSBAND”.
She also made mention of the fact that however she spends her money is her business alone and haters should keep on hating. Strong words from an “INDEPENDENT” woman you might say. Or better still, a more subtle name for ‘Linda Ikeji’ should be “Miss Independent” lol.
Barely 2 months after her well publicized “Hermes Birkin” bag scandal, she has one again found herself at the center of the storm!
See the screenshot of her tweets below:-

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