Have you ever wondered why young Nigerian ladies date married men, in most cases, they are men old enough to be their fathers? For some ladies, the thought of dating a married man is irritating but for others, it’s a normal thing and if you’re not doing it you’re wrong.
Many single ladies would rather date a married man than a bachelor for reasons best known to them. Some claim the married men are more caring and know how to spend on a lady, unlike the single men. For some others, it’s just for the fun of it, they just want to be ‘adventurous.’
Below are some reasons why ladies prefer married men. 1. For the money: Married men have money and they have no problem spending it.
2. No string attached: She might not be ready for a serious relationship so a married man is her best bet because he won’t want to get too close. You know he’s really available.
3. No monitoring spirit: Married men don’t have time to be monitoring your activities as they have work, family and other things to take care of.
4. Just for fun: The excitement of doing something you know you shouldn’t be doing.
5. No fear of heartbreak: She knows he’s married and won’t marry her. So, all she wants to do is ‘chop and go,’ enjoy it while it lasts.
6. Experience: Married men are more matured and experienced.
7. Father figure: Some ladies just want a father figure.
8. Married men don’t get jealous or possessive unnecessarily.
9. The ladies just want a man sometimes – not all the time. #dating..
Source – Naij

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