Did you notice this amazing Scenario?
Without Power minister:
– Electricity supply has greatly improved
Without Petroleum minister:
– refineries are almost fully revamped, to commence production within a month. – Disappearance of fuel queues without oil marketers holding country to ransom. – Stoppage of phantom fuel subsidy payments to the cabal, & reducing it from over N5b to N1.8b per day.
Without Finance minister:
– External reserves increased by $3b in a month. – Bailout to states to clear 8 months salary arrears. – Closure of all secret govt accounts. – Maintenance of a single Federation Account for all FG revenues.
Without External Affairs minister:
– Secured multilateral cooperation of all neighbouring countries for a MJTF against Boko Haram. – G7 cooperation and support in fight against insurgents.
Without Commerce & Trade minister:
– Concluded package to revamp local industries. -Again a marching order for the resuscitation of our dead Textile Industries was given. All in barely a month! l’m delighted about the prospect, when PMB would have touched all sectors of our national life.
● Former Imo State Governor Ohakim granted N270million bail for N270million fraud as in return the EXACT money you stole shikena! ● Lamido Ex Nig. Foreign minister and Ex-Jigawa Gov. and sons remanded in Prison ● Ex-Adamawa Gov. Nyako and son remanded in Prison ● Companies linked to Nnamani Ex-Enugu Gov. Loose assets to FG And so on and so forth. Lets continue praying for President Buhari and Nigeria!!

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