Over the years, Nigeria topped the chart for Internet fraud. In Nigeria these internet fraudsters are tagged as “Yahoo Guys”. After cajoling their way to get thousands/millions of dollars from gullible individuals, they in turn spend this stolen money on cars and women.
They are known to be very extravagant. But even with the illegal act these guys engage in, its not surprising they are always surrounded with different kind of ladies. And some ladies also prefer to date these fraudsters even when they are well aware of the illegal act they engage in.
Here are the 5 Reasons Why Girls Prefer to date Yahoo Guys
1. Extravagant Spending: Money earned from defrauding others is more like free money, hence no proper planning on how to spend it. They sit inside their room (hideout) for few days/weeks and then just walk to the bank to withdraw money they didn’t really work for. Well, most Nigerian girls don’t care how the money is gotten, as long as the money is present and they get anything they request for. So when it’s pay day for yahoo guys, girls are next.
2. Party & Clubbing: Most ladies love clubbing, although not all know how to dance. But they enjoy the fun and all. After a yahoo guy gets his pay, its party time. Since ladies are aware of this, they don’t miss the chance to go out and have all the fun. A yahoo will spend some chunk of his money to celebrate like he just won the presidential election.
3. Romance: Every lady loves a man who can show her romance, yahoo guys are sweet talkers, they’ve got that sugar-coated tongue, little wonder they know how to talk their way to defrauding individuals. If a yahoo guy can sweet talk a 70 year old to sending him money with fake promises of marriage. They are players, they know to sweet talk a lady and get her. Ladies love sweet words, hence they love yahoo guys

A yahoo guy always have time for his lady, when a he isn’t glued to his computer, he is with his girl. Every lady loves a who can satisfy her when her libido is high. An idle yahoo is always there to give her the s3x when she wants it.
4. Show Off: Ladies love to have a guy they can proudly introduce to their friends, a guy with the car and all the swag. They love to be tagged as the girl dating the big boy. With all the cars, gadgets a yahoo guy possesses, ladies want to hangout with them. Moving with friends in their fleet of cars (Probably Another Camry), you find a lady next to him in the front seat saying ‘hi’s’ and ‘hello’ to any of her friends who crosses her path.
5. Believing There Is Room For Change: Ladies think they can convince a bad guy to change when they go into a relationship, even when clearly they are not Buhari. When ladies go into a relationship with a yahoo with the hope of changing him, they should also know they are trying to restrict their source of income in the process. When it becomes difficult for a lady to change a yahoo guy, they become stuck in the relationship.
Conclusion: Although the rate of fraudsters has dropped significantly in recent years, due to the strict punishment attached to internet fraud. Some guys still carefully carry out this illicit act. It’s not advisable to date a fraudster, because often times even the benefactor becomes the accomplice.
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