Good evening fans! recently,mtn blocked all working cheat and the simpleserver tweaks.. so i come up with this,though 150mb isnt much..buh manage it till i crack another one..

  How to get mtn 150mb and make it work on all apps

 Here it is.. . .

Text APP to 131..u'll be gven 150mb..hw to use it on simpleserver.. . .

Launch ur simpleserver,and Configure it as follow:
» Listen port='8080'
»Proxy Host=''
»Proxy Port='8080'
»Enable Proxy='YES'
»Injection Method='GET'
»Injection Query=' http://nextapps.mtnonline.com'
»Injection Host='nextapps.mtnonline.com'
»Injection line='4'
»Enable Injection='YES'
»Buffer Size='8092'
»Log Level='DEBUG'

after this, click "Start",minimize and Goto Your phone settings and Set Your APN to web.gprs.mtnnigeria.net Proxy: Port:8080 activate the new apn.. . . To power it wit all ur apps,dwnload autoproxy and configure it as proxy: port:8080.. Leave others and save.. Launch d ss,start it..launch d autoproxy and connect it..aktivate d apn we did earlier..nw open all ur apps and flex . .

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