I just dey laff!! When will Christian men stop living in pretense? Where did the Bible say all men must have only one wife? How can you cope inside the same Nigeria where Muslim Men can marry Four wives but religion is forcing Christian Men to abide by one-man/one-wife rule?

I insist, marrying more than one wife legitimately is far better than having just one wife but you are sleeping with all kinds of girls in secret and may even end up infecting your one wife with a deadly virus.

What happened in COZA church in Abuja between Pastor Biodun and Ese Walter is a confirmation that a pastor who is preaching one-man/one-wife on the pulpit may be enjoying himself in secret too.

Now, another Pastor has been caught. How long shall we continue to pretend? Revelations below…

I am a broken woman. My name is Mrs. ***** and I live in Ibadan. I just confirmed my greatest fear this morning. My husband of 7 good years and 4 lovely very intelligent children has killed me. I am going mad. This Man is a Pastor. I really do not understand this.

I was on Toke’s IG page all through yesterday even when I was at the office throwing in words of encouragement to help heal her wounds without knowing that my own man was in bed with women.

My husband paid for a flat at Araromi without my knowlege and has been taking women there for fornication. I dont know for how long. An old school friend of mine came to town last night. She crashed at my place because I was supposed to take her to a fertility clinic this morning.

When we got to Akanran, I felt I saw something like my husbands car parked on the side walk as we drove past. I felt its just a look alike Car and drove on. After meeting the doctor we drove back and out of just plain curiosity I decided to pay a little more attention to the car just to know how similar it looked. As i drove closer, I spotted my husbands plate number. I was miffed because he was supposed to be in Lagos Since Monday morning when he left. He works at Ikeja in Lagos state but comes home every Friday.

I spoke with him that morning and he told me he was at a holdup in Anthony so how could his car be here. I stopped my car and called him again and he picked up and told me that he was already at the office. I told him that I saw his car as I drove past Cable point at Araromi. He told me that its a look alike. that he is in Lagos and that his car is in front of the office.

As we approached, My husband called me and asked where I was and why I wasn’t at the office, I explained about my friend whom he knows very well. He inquired to know where I was at the moment and I told him that I have left Araromi and was heading back to the office. He said ok and dropped. He sounded a little unsettled and panicky so i became apprehensive.

I approached the car because I wasn’t convinced. He has given me no reason to doubt him as I have never caught him lying to me. But the wheel of the car and the Winners Chapel sticker on the windscreen is something. My friend asked me to reverse lets go check the car out because men can be funny sometimes so I obliged and reversed.

I sped up and on getting to the place I saw my husband driving off in high speed and there was a woman in the car. I packed and came down and went into a chemist shop around that place and asked the attendant for information on the man who just drove out.

The young boy told me that he is a rich bachelor who lives in the compound but he is not always around but comes in with lady friends and some guys once in a while.

I just got back to my office now. My head is racing. Its obvious that my man has a flat where he takes young girls for s*x in the same town that we live. Why is he not at his office?

I have decided to go home immediately I can get permission from my boss. I want to take my kids and my basic and leave his house this evening. My friend thinks that I should not call and confront him but that I should wait until he comes back but how can I? I feel foolish, used a

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