At first I was scared, but as a sharp guy,I simply walked up to her and smiled.
Me:- “I wasn’t expecting ur friends to come along na”.
She:- “I’m so sorry, but I had told dem about my new boyfriend that they wanted to see him for themselves”
I quickly improvised and welcomed the other ladies. Smiling and showing my 32 to the longthroath fowls…though deep down,I was scheming and plotting,thinking of how I would escape this mess.
The other girls were not fine sef,they both looked like they were competing for who had the ugliest face.short and scrawny with teeth plastered on their face that made them resemble donkeys. grin
We sat down and they ordered.
“3 large bowls of icecream, half crate of lacasera and 4 plates of fried rice mixed with chicken wings and turkey”
I don’ die!!, who told me to carry babe go flex. I thought to myself. I was so lost in thought thinking of what to do to escape the predicament I out myself in when i was jolted back to reality by a flashlight.
Guess what? The donkey faced ladies were taking selfies of the food. MY FOOD!! Food I bought with my personal hard earned cash…cash way no even dey enough.. Dem day madt? I was so annoyed that I quickly tried to use one of the oldest tricks in the books.
Me:- “Excuse me ladies, but I’ll need to go to the ATM to get some cash”
One Of Her Friend:- “I don’t think that will be necessary” said donkey faced 1.
” why’s that?” I was so angry and I was sure they knew it too but who cares,I didn’t give a damn at that point.
“They accept pos terminals here”.
O boy na so I use vex sit down wella, call Waiter.
“Gimme a bottle of your most expensive champagne here” I Ordered.
The guy brought it and I quickly downed all, I needed the alcohol for the pain I was going to feel in about 30 minutes.
I quickly I ordered another round and continued drinking and by then, the ladies had already ordered more things.
I just didn’t care.
Naso them bring bill,I told the waiter I couldn’t pay..
He looked at me like I was joking,but I told him again,I didn’t have cash to pay.
By then evil lady and her donkey faced minions had already become quiet. Me I just bone.
That was how the waiter came with two hefty men each carrying a baton.,with an angry look on their faces
I don’t even know what happened next,but I woke up to find myself in a hospital with 8 broken ribs, a fractured coller bone,two toes missing and my legs broken.
Naijaloadites, I dey beg una, this is not a joke, please I need help in paying my hospital bills grin
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