I was already giving up on Chidi on the 3rd day and was having a bad feeling about the girls around here. How would you promise to call and never did. That was a big sin, and God detests sin, I guess she should have come across that in their Sunday School teachings.

It was exactly around 9:40pm, I was about going to bed that very night after a battle with a big bowl of Eba and Egusi soup with pomo. It was the middle of the month and the state Government had not paid our state ‘Allawee’ which usually comes in every mid-month.

So guys no ‘hol’ or do I say ‘pepper no red’. So I had to manage the little funds I had with me to prepare an economy egusi stew, which I knew was gonna last me for at least 4days.

My phone rang, and it was a call from an unknown number.
‘Hello, good evening, this Dammy’ I said ‘Please who am I onto?’
‘Chidi, the girl you met the other day’ the caller said

I bolted off the bed in my lying position and sat up, adjusted myself and offered a 2nd greeting.

‘Oh bae, good evening, hope you had a very sweet day? What took you so long to call’
‘Am sorry, I have been busy’ she replied
‘Let me call you back’ I said confidently to prove that am the man.
‘Okay’ she said

I hung up and called her instantly. We spoke for like 5minutes and it was already getting into my marrows as I had planned using the airtime to call the guy that was owing me cash the following morning.

I asked her to come see me the following day, wwhich she declined and asked that we meet at an eatery at UNIZIK Junction. I reluctantly accepted as it was obvious she never wanted to shift ground. Not that it was a big deal, as it would be a display of maturity to her if I could succumb to her wishes, at least for now that we are just getting to know eachother.

Although the big issue here was the fact that I was near-broke, I was only having N500 with me and I just had no idea of how the whole issue was gonna be cleared out. But as a bad sharp Las-gidi boy, there must be a way out.

The following morning, I sent her a lovely text and told here we would meet by 12. She never replied and I was wondering if she got the message. I called her around 10 to confirm our meeting and she said we are good to go.

I tried to get to the corpers’ lodge to see if I could task the other corps members to at least lend me 1K. like it was planned, everyone was dead broke, I even happened to be the richest. I just left their miserable environment before they weighed me down with their misery. While leaving, Osaro asked if he could come with me.

‘You be Poly Bag wey I go carry along or weting?’ I replied with full anger ‘ ’
She called me around 11.30 to ask where I was and I told her I was on my way.

‘Okay, we will soon be coming too’ she said

I though I heard wrongly, We? Who are we? Is she an entity? Or a colony? She was the only one I was expecting, so what is we?

‘You said what?’ I asked to be sure I was not hearing from space. She probably sensed my reaction, and replied that she will soon be on her way.
‘Good’ I said to myself and took the next available bike to the Junction. I entered and located a secluded seat at one corner, to afford us some privacy.

I thought to myself if I should get bottled water to chill, but had a change of mind because I never still knew what was going to come up. Not even realize I was going to be hit with Tsunami in the next 30minutes.

She stepped in 30 minutes later and I was so glad to see her, she was dressed in a red Arsenal Jersey, with a tight jeggings and and a pair of All stars. She looked so gorgeous in her outfit and I knew I had hit jackpot. The moment the door closed behind her, it re-opened and lo and behold, she came with 3 of her friends. I knew it was judgement day at that moment.

How would she do this to me. It’s an obvious sign this girl doesn’t like me. I tell guys that a girl that loves you will hardly make demands anyhow with the fear that you might not like the situation and act in a way that will be hu

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