APC National Publicity Secretary, Alhaji Lai Mohammed said President Muhammadu Buhari‘s four weeks in office is better than Goodluck Jonathan‘s five years in office.
Lai said Nigerians should exercise patience with PMB and that the president is working. He also blamed the delay in appointing ministers on the lack of cooperation of the past administration.
Lai made this statement at a press conference in Abuja. According to him:
“It’s been about one month now since President Buhari assumed office, and I can tell you that there has been motion, and there has been movement, contrary to what is being peddled in some quarters. Justifiably, the expectations are high and urgent, and the Buhari administration has started addressing them, despite the enormous challenges that it faces, including an empty treasury and an economy that has virtually collapsed.
“The Buhari administration got the handover notes from the former government just four days before the inauguration, hampering its efforts to have a clear understanding of the situation on the ground before taking the necessary measures to address it.
“If any disease is not appropriately diagnosed, it cannot be effectively treated. Any government that is truly desirous of bringing about real change will not act hastily and without the necessary understanding of what is on ground. coupled with the delay in getting the much-needed information, that takes time.

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