I know a lot of peeps are not actually happy that Etisalat PayGo was technically hampered by etisalat internet guards and I know it seriously injured their downloads and streaming rate.

Etisalat PayGo actually pays a lot with endless download and streaming… 

But I’m glad to announce to your that there is a perfect alternative to Etisalat PayGo. 

I was reading and surfing online when i stumble on a post where the dude shared some legal secrets of using Etisalat Eazy life to stream unlimited for 3hours.

I tried it and it works like magic Though I didn’t stream but I downloaded.

To clear your doubt, I downloaded over 2GB with this plan this morning.

How Can I Opt into This Plan?

==>Dial *200#

==>And migrate to easy starter

==>Migrate again to easy life by dialing*620*1#and

==>Opt in by dialing*229*3*7#… You can opt out with *227*0#.. 

Make sure you opt out immediately after you subscribed to it because
it won’t be auto renewed and if you don’t mind you can leave it.

Note: It is 3 hours of unlimited internet per #15 just like Eti Paygo. Will it Work on My Device?

Yes, it will work on PC, Android, iPhone/iPad, even BB10.

You don’t need to tweak anything. What are you waiting for?

Invite your friends to enjoy this offer!!

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